Dover Castle Masterplan (Phase 1) – Two Café refurbishment projects English Heritage-Estates Tender Closes 31st July

The Dover Masterplan is designed to develop a strategy which will enrich visitors’ enjoyment and understanding of the castle, and provide an offer which results in higher visitor numbers and greater engagement

This project forms part the first stage of the Dover Masterplan, an ambitious and far reaching plan that aims to transform the visitor offer at Dover Castle over the next ten or so years and make Dover one of the top five castles in the UK. The Dover Masterplan will reinvigorate this exceptional site by developing new and exciting visitor experiences which bring to life key stories, inspire new audiences and bring back into use long vacant buildings which lie at the heart of the castle. Initially breaking through the 400,000 visitor mark, our overall ambition is to achieve an additional 100,000 visitors annually by the end of the first phase and lay the foundations for the site to exceed 500,000 + visitors in the subsequent years.

Refreshing the current commercial offer is crucial to the financial viability of the visitor offer at Dover, in particular catering and retail, where the existing infrastructure is now in excess of ten years old. Visitor expectations within catering in particular are constantly increasing and we need to ensure that the offer meets these expectations. Funds will be set aside to refresh and upgrade the offer to ensure it increases the financial contribution it makes to the bottom line at Dover and also ensure that the overall visitor offer exceeds customer expectations.

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