DPS Subcontractors Property Responsive Repair and Maintenance CORNWALL COUNCIL Closes 31st July 2023

Please note the start date of the DPS being 1st August 2018. If you have already submitted a tender for this opportunity, please do not submit in any further Rounds unless you are specifically asked to. Once notified of being successful you will then receive call off as and when they are requested for the categories applicable to you.

This is a restricted procedure to procure a DPS for subcontractor support to supplement in-house responsive repair and maintenance teams for properties across Cornwall. Use of the DPS will be available to any subsidiary company of CORSERV Limited, but will be primarily used by Cornwall Housing ltd. Suitably qualified and competent contractors will make up an approved list of companies that will work in partnership to deliver responsive services or works for repairs and maintenance on an as and when basis, to meet the demands of peaks and troughs and to utilise specialist companies for services or works not currently carried out by internal teams. The DPS will be divided into categories, with trades being used for each category, to encourage SME participation.

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