Dynamic Purchasing System for Advocacy Services for Vulnerable Children and Adults London Borough of Ealing Tender Closes 25th February 2020

The London Borough of Ealing wishes to procure a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) for Advocacy Services for vulnerable children and adults.

The DPS will cover services in the following categories:

a) Independent Advocacy meeting Care Act duties
b) Independent Mental Capacity Act (IMCA) Advocacy, including Deprivation of Liberties Services (DoLS)
c) Independent Mental Health Advocacy (IMHA) meeting Mental Health Act duties
d) Independent Domestic Violence Advocacy Services (IDVA)
e) Advocacy for Looked After Children
f) Advocacy for Children with Additional Needs
g) Advocacy for Young Carers
h) Independent Visitors for Look After Children

It is proposed that the Dynamic Purchasing System will be established for a period of 5 years plus possibilities to extend for further durations of up to 5 years. The DPS will enable the Council to facilitate choice and flexibility for Advocacy services, as well as drive improvements in quality in the market.

The DPS primarily will be used for block and spot procurements for Advocacy Services. Prospective service providers are invited to apply for one, more than one, or all of the categories in the DPS. Service providers will be able to apply to join the DPS at any time during the life of the DPS after it has been set up.

The budgets in 2020/21 are £35,000 for children and young people, and £195,000 for adults.

The approximate value of the contracts which are expected to be procured using mini competitions from all categories of the DPS are approximately £230,000 per annum. The overall approximate value for the 10 – year duration of the DPS (if all extensions used) is £2,300,000.

It is envisaged that the tender will be published during February 2020. Applicants will, be required to fill in a Selection Questionnaire and confirm they can meet the minimum qualification standards required to provide advocacy services to vulnerable children and adults.

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