East Heath Car Park – Resurfacing & Associated Drainage Works City of London Corporation Tender Closes 13th December

East Heath Car Park Resurfacing and Associated Drainage – Esti

Site Location & Information
The East Heath Car Park is situated at East Heath road, Hampstead, London, NW3 1TH and is a pay and display car park. It is used by customers who visit Hampstead Heath and local areas and can accommodate approximately 120 vehicles in unmarked parking bays. The site is approx. 3571 m², on a 1:10 slope and is the largest and busiest car park on Hampstead Heath.
The existing car park surface is a self‐binding aggregate, Coxwell Gravel, which is loosened by the actions of turning vehicles and water run-off. The material is also washed across the car park in periods of heavy rain, running to the southern corner of the site and onto the adjacent East Heath Road.

The Project
The proposed project consists of excavating the existing surface and sub base and replacing with new foundations and a macadam construction and surface course, with a layer of liquid bitumen laid down before stone chippings are scattered onto the surface. The stone chippings will match the existing car park surface colour and provide a rustic texture.

The project also includes provision of additional drainage to the car park and adjacent areas, including an attenuation tank underneath the car park surface. Timber and concrete kerbs are proposed for the car park boundary which will direct/control the flow of surface water as necessary.

In addition, granite setts will be used to mark the parking bays across the car park and accessible parking bays will require line marking with yellow lines also required to one other area.

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