Ebury Bridge Estate Renewal Demolition capitalEsourcing

Westminster City Council is committed to the most ambitious house building programme for a generation. The Council is on track to deliver 1,850 new affordable homes by 2023 with sites for a further potential 2,000 new homes identified. The delivery of these homes involves complex regeneration schemes at Ebury Bridge Estate and Church Street, as well as sensitive infill and prominent high profile sites across the city. The delivery of these homes will depend on a range of potential delivery solutions including partnerships with development and investment partners and self-delivery. Westminster’s newly formed wholly owned development company also offers a route for funding, delivering and owning new intermediate rent, market rent and sale housing across the borough.

The Ebury Bridge Estate renewal project is the most strategically important of all these developments. Ebury is located in the South-West of the borough, close to Victoria Station. Railway tracks to Victoria act as a physical barrier to the East of the estate and the Belgravia neighbourhood is to the West. The estate has excellent connectivity and offers a tremendous opportunity for a prestigious, exemplar estate renewal opportunity in Central London.

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