EdTech Demonstrator Schools and Colleges Programme DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Tender Closes 4th November

DfE will appoint a delivery partner, via a contract agreement, to oversee implementation, co-ordination and evaluation of the EdTech Demonstrator schools and colleges programme (‘Demonstrators’).

Applicants should note that for the purposes of this document, all publicly-funded primary and secondary schools will be referred to hereafter as ‘schools’ and all providers of 16-19 education delivering publicly-funded 16-19 study programmes as ‘colleges’.

The successful delivery partner will be proficient in the use of technology in education (EdTech), familiar with the day-to-day running of schools and colleges and will have responsibility for:
• The co-ordination, management and day-to-day support of the Demonstrators
• Grant management of Demonstrators and issuing allocated funding
• Governance; ensuring value for money is achieved and conditions of grant are met
• Conducting a formative and final evaluation

The delivery partner will also provide support to DfE and Demonstrators by:
• Supporting the DfE in the final selection of successful Demonstrators, following an initial EOI round led and managed by DfE
• Implementing the programme through school-to-school facilitation
• Communicating to the wider sector of key messages and emerging findings

The successful applicant will be expected to attend regular meetings with the DfE Project Lead and provide progress report to ensure conditions of contract are met and value for money is achieved.

The tender will be going live on 14 October 2019. The procurement will be run using the Education and Children’s Social Care (ECSC) Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS). Please ensure that you are registered on the Redimo2 system – please note that if you do not register on the DPS and access the tender documentation via the DPS portal, you will be unable to bid for this project. For those already registered on the Redimo2 system please ensure that you have selected Department for Education as a customer on the system prior to the tender going live.

We will award a contract to a single supplier for the delivery of the services – this could also be a consortium led by a single lead supplier (NB: consortiums must be registered as an entity on the Redimo2 system prior to the tender going live).

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