Elections Printing service EXETER CITY COUNCIL Tender Closes 4th January

Exeter City Council’s Electoral Services require bespoke printing services to be provided in relation to the statutory obligation of the Returning Officer and Electoral Registration Officer, to carry out his duties.

Usually there are two key events in any year; the Annual Electoral Registration Canvass normally conducted between July and December and the relevant elections in May. There are elections every year within the Exeter City council area. Sometimes there is more than one major electoral event in a year and occasionally there are By-elections. These additional elections are immediate and there is often very little notice.

Confidence in the supplier’s ability to provide and deliver accurate, reliable printing within short timescales is paramount; along with assurance that data is handled securely and confidentially, within the relevant legislative and Council requirements.

The key objectives of the Tender are:
• To appoint a Contractor to work with Exeter City Council to deliver the electoral printing services.
• Appoint a Contractor who understands Exeter City Council’s requirements, has sufficient capacity to deliver the requirements and has the ability to be reactive when required.

Applicants and interested parties can also send us their contact details to ECCProcurement@exeter.gov.uk so we can provide relevant updates where applicable.

Applications must be received no later than 9.00am on 04 January 2019 (as stated in Volume 2 Applicants Offer) and submitted to ECCTenders@exeter.gov.uk

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