Email Marketing THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES Tender Closes 4th June

We send around 12 million marketing emails per year to over 300,000 subscribers, featuring a wide variety of content and targeted at a wide variety of audience and stakeholder groups. Email remains our single most effective way of directly communicating with our customers.
Our main fortnightly email update is sent to around 250,000 subscribers, and contains a mix of content that reflects the public-facing work and services offered by The National Archives. We also send several supplementary mailings to subscribers on top of this update, primarily retail promotions for our online shop and events programme, targeted at subsets of our mailing list. We also distribute a number of specialist campaigns, focused on different areas of our work, to various stakeholder lists.
Our current email marketing contract expires at the end of July 2019, and we are looking for a supplier who will not only deliver this service for us from 1 August 2019, but ensure a seamless transition between services.

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