English Heritage Car Park Machine Supply Contract Tender Closes 25th February

The English Heritage Trust is a charity that manages 412 historic properties. These properties represent a precious collection of physical remains from a long span of England’s history. 118 properties are staffed, and some are managed through Local Management Agreements, while the remainder are free to visit.

There are currently 26 sites with car park machines, which should increase to 27 very shortly. The current machines have been provided by a range of suppliers (16 Metric Elite Models and 9 Stelio Parkeon) and are currently only able to take payment by coin. We would like all machines to be able to take payment by coins, notes and credit card including contactless payment. We are planning to either install new machines or upgrade existing machines. This includes 7 spare machines (Metric Elite) currently held in storage which we are hoping may be upgraded for use. Old machines will need to be removed.

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