English Hubs Network Hubs Council DEPARTMENT FOR EDUCATION Tender Closes 14th December

The Department for Education (DfE) intends to undertake an Expression of Interest (EOI) process to procure the services of experts to establish a Hubs Council for the English Hubs Network.

In December 2017, we announced funding for a network of English hubs as part of the DfE’s Social Mobility Action Plan (SMAP), with a specific focus on improving early language and literacy teaching. DfE is seeking to establish a Hubs Council to offer strategic advice to the department on the scope and direction of the English Hubs Programme, as well as expert advice on the work of the Hubs Network Training Centre, including the content of the training programme.

The Council will comprise up to eight experts, with up to two (2) posts available for individuals with relevant experience and expertise in; early language, phonics, reading and/or writing. Two representatives from the active Hub School Network will also be appointed to the Council through a parallel process.

The total value available for individuals will be made clear during the procurement process but successful applicants will be paid for time taken to attend and prepare for meetings, with reasonable travel expenses reimbursed in line with departmental policy.

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