Enhanced Water Treatment Capacity for Existing Borehole Met Office Tender Closes 10th January 2020

This project covers the undertaking of works to upgrade to the water softening capacity associated to a pre-existing borehole operated at our Exeter headquarters site.
The enhanced system shall deliver water softening capacity of 8m3/hr, and shall include the following functionality;

• A bulk salt saturator
• Increased water softening capacity to a maximum of 8m3/hr
• New more resilient pumping system
• New kiosk

Whereby, the successful contractor will be required to;
• design,
• manufacture,
• test (offsite),
• deliver,
• install (including associated ground works, electrical, and plumbing services)
• test and
• commissioning

of a fully functional solution, suitable for retrofit within the confines of the existing system, and performance requirements detailed within the tender documentation.

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