Environment Agency – Environmental Measurement Data Standards DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD & RURAL AFFAIRS Tender Closes 10th July

This work will deliver controlled lists/data standards for Physical and Biological Parameters and identify controlled lists for Qualifiers. It may result in some minor improvements to related parts of an existing logical data model. The model is the result of extensive work across our current applications that hold measurement data, and has been reviewed by our business. It has succeeded in defining the entities, definitions and relationships of our environmental measurement data. The next step in standardising our measurement data is to understand the names/terms used for parameters and qualifiers by analysing 11 key environmental measurement datasets. This will enable us to define the controlled lists and data standards for these Parameter types. The ‘names’ will be captured into an existing MS Access database with relevant associations e.g. alias of another ‘name’. The outcome of this work is to;

a) Develop controlled lists of terms for Physical Parameters and refine the sub-type definition as required

b) Develop controlled lists/specifications of terms for Biological Parameters and refine the sub-type definition as required

c) Identify potential proxy parameters (i.e. parameters that are not Biological, Chemical or Physical Parameters) and refine the sub-type definition as required

d) Identify consistent Qualifiers for what we measure in the environment

e) Suggest/confirm improvements to the data model for related entities, definitions and relationships based on evidential analysis of our data, and make the required updates to the data model.

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