Environmental Services – Early Engagement Without a Call for Competition Network Rail Infrastructure Ltd Closes 9th August

Network Rail – Environmental Services. Early engagement notice WITHOUT a Call for Competition.

Network Rail is looking to engage the market to ascertain its capabilities and appetite for providing Environmental Services across several categories, namely: Decontamination Services following Animal and Human Fatalities; Fly Tipping Removal; Collection and Disposal of Hypodermic Needles; Graffiti Removal; Litter Clearance; Pest Control; Pollution Control (to include oil and chemical spills); and understand the most effective way for us to scope any future potential procurement opportunity.

Services are required on both a regular and reactive basis dependent on the nature of the incident or call-out, potentially across the entirety of Network Rail’s Regional and Route geography, namely: Scotland, North West and Central, Eastern, Wales and Western, and Southern.

Network Rail is looking to understand from suppliers within the market their capacity to fulfil our requirements via the completion of a soft market engagement questionnaire. Completion of the questionnaire will support Network Rail in understanding the ability of the market to deliver:
– all, or a combination of the aforementioned services
– the prevalence of suppliers within the market
– ability for the market to respond to an incident/call-out within an appropriate length of time
– potential new and innovative solutions which could enhance our service delivery
– optimum duration of contracts
– identifying any barriers which may be preventing organisations from participating in a Network Rail tendering exercise

As stated, this early engagement is not a Call for Competition, nor an appeal for an Expression of Interest. At time of writing, the purpose of this notice and questionnaire is solely to undertake early market engagement and does not formally begin the procurement or constitute any commitment by Network Rail to undertake any formal procurement exercise. Interested parties are invited to request a copy of the questionnaire by emailing FrontlineServicesCandP@networkrail.co.uk referencing ‘Environmental Services Market Engagement’. Once reviewed and completed, please then return your completed copy to FrontlineServicesCandP@networkrail.co.uk by 17:00pm on 09/08/2019. Any submissions received shall be treated with the strictest confidence by the responsible officer and will not be shared with any Third Party.

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