Equine Saddlery & Harnesses LEIDOS SUPPLY, LIMITED Tender Closes 20th December

The Defence Clothing Team, which forms part of Leidos Supply Ltd is considering the requirement for the provision of Equine and Saddlery items as per below on behalf of the UK MOD.

• Bespoke saddlery and harness for use by Kings Troop Royal Horse Artillery and Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. This will include a wide variety of items such as saddles, reins, bridle, girths, surcingle, bits, stirrups, decorative brass ornaments, trace wires, breast collar, breaching etc.

• Bespoke saddle blankets and sheepskin flounces

• Potential development of existing and new items of saddlery

The estimated value for this contract is between £2,500,000 and £3,000,000 with the proposed contract length is to be 4 years with an extra 3 years as an option period (7 years total).

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