ESCC Support Organisation for East Sussex Parent and Carers Council SE Shared Services Tender Closes 1st February

The purpose of East Sussex Parent and Carers’ Council (ESPaCC) is to develop a single voice representing all parents, carers and families of children or young people with any additional need in order to influence all services affecting and relevant to children and young people. To maximise children and young people’s opportunities, by working with all organisations to raise awareness of services and support for parents, carers and their families.

East Sussex County Council (The Council) have been working closely with ESPaCC to establish and develop sustainable parent participation to influence all services affecting and relevant to children, young people with additional needs, their families and carers.

The Council is seeking a suitably qualified Service provider to act as a support organisation fulfilling the role that the Council previously played in supporting the Organisations activities and enabling their objectives. The successful Service Provider will be able to demonstrate a track record of delivering these services, and act as a collaborative partner with the Council as it looks to provide a service which continues to improve and innovate services to meet the demand of users and the communities of East Sussex.

In order to achieve a cohesive and consistent, locality based offer for this service the Council is looking to engage one Service Provider to deliver the requirements of the specification.

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