eSourcing Platform Crown Commercial Service tender closes 2nd November

CCS wishes to establish a commercial vehicle for provision of a securely hosted online eSourcing procurement solution(s). This requirement will be acquired as software as a service.

The solution(s) must allow end to end management sourcing activity in full compliance with the Public Contracts Regulations 2015, national legislation and be flexible enough to undertake subsequent revisions in the future.

The solution(s) shall

• Support API approach to create a seamless solution, working in conjunction with existing CCS technological solutions.

• Ensure all solutions have the capability to work in conjunction with each other if more than one solutions procured.

• Provide a single point of contact for users and suppliers.

• Provide comprehensive, reliable audit trails, process reporting and other related transparency controls.

• Ensure traceable supplier communications.

• Export and import content data efficiently.

• Be user friendly in terms of navigation, ensuring all tasks maximise efficiency.

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