Evaluability Assessment and Evaluation of Crafting Futures Global Programme BRITISH COUNCIL (THE) Tender Closes 28th August

Crafting Futures seeks to identify approaches to a sustainable future through our global shared heritage of making and supporting a future for craft. The programme brings together crafts practitioners, designers and organisations from around the world to explore possibilities for this future together.

The programme’s objective is to generate a body of action-based research which tests methodologies and approaches to a sustainable future for craft through cultural relations and exchange with the UK sector, providing deeper relationships, stronger influence/attraction in thought leadership and practice of the UK sector.

The programme is expected to have short-term, intermediate and long-term outcomes which enhance opportunities for people to train, learn or enter craft practice; creating a greater understanding and perceived value of craft within the sector, alongside new audiences and markets; improved quality of creative practice and work produced strengthened and developed; and cultural relations.

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