“Everything ICT” – full range of ICT Products, Solutions, Services and Support for the public sector East of England Broadband Network (Regional Broadband Consortium) tender closes 16th September

E2BN is putting in place a Framework Agreement for use by public sector bodies identified at II.2.4 (and any successors to these organisations) which include Schools, Academies, Academy Trusts, RBCs, Colleges, Universities, Central Government Departments and Agencies, Non Departmental Public Bodies, NHS bodies and Local Authorities, Devolved Administrations, Fire Service, Police Service, buying consortiums and charities. The above Public Sector Bodies have a need for a compliant Procurement Vehicle to access a range of ICT Products, Solutions, Services and support including connectivity, equipment, hardware, software, services including cloud, consultancy, maintenance, support and infrastructure to meet the diverse needs of Education and other Public Sector and associated organisations. The successful bidder will be expected to manage, deliver, maintain and integrate competing sub-contractors to ensure choice, best value and seamless inter-operability in each category.

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