Examine the implications of accelerated electrification and net-zero emissions for the UK electricity sector The Committee On Climate Change tender closes 7th December

The CCC has recently been requested to advise on when the UK should reach ‘net zero’ emissions in the context of the Paris Agreement and to review the UK’s existing 80% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for 2050. The work in this proposal is expected to be supporting evidence for the CCC’s advice, due to be published in Spring 2019.

The CCC’s advice is based on detailed modelling of a range of technologies and behaviours that could be deployed across the economy. Using that modelling, the CCC has developed scenarios for deployment of technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 2020, 2030, and to 2050. These are intended to demonstrate possible ways in which carbon budgets and the 2050 target could be met, estimate the economic cost of doing so, and identify barriers to delivery and consider how these could be overcome.

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