Expert Systems – Phase 2 Care Quality Commission Tender Closes 14th December

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent health and social care regulator in England that registers, monitors, inspects and rates health and social care services to ensure they meet fundamental standards of quality and safety.

CQC aspires to become a more intelligence driven organisation, and target inspection resources more effectively. As part of our regulation we have an inspection programme covering tens of thousands of NHS and independent hospitals, GPs, dentists, care homes and other health and care providers.

We are working to become more intelligence driven in our approach and seeking to develop a decision support tool using artificial intelligence that helps our inspectors decide what action to take on receipt of new information about a provider.

We have developed a framework for this tool and are looking to test two aspects of this framework before making a business case for further investment. This proof of concept will focus on the statutory notifications that we receive in adult social care but we expect to be able to extend it to other information sources and sectors in time.

We are seeking bids to develop and test an ontology that makes meaningful connections between notifications received over time, and classifiers that automatically tag documents against this ontology. Some of these classifiers may need to be based on free text captured as part of the notification.

We expect the bid to include details of the testing step, for which we will provide a pool of inspectors able to ground truth the output of the system.

If the concept is successfully demonstrated, then we will develop a business case for extending the system and making it operational via a further procurement exercise. We expect to be able to base an extended system on the ontology and classifiers developed as a part of this project.

The anticipated award for this contract will be January 2019.

The contract will be for 9 months with an extension option of up to 6 months (if applicable).

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