Fair Share 2016 Methodology options review DEPARTMENT FOR ENVIRONMENT, FOOD & RURAL AFFAIRS Tender Closes 7th June

The Environment Agency applies the Polluter Pays Principle (PPP) in water quality planning through the Fair Share Approach. This has been an underlying principle for our water quality planning since the 1980s. Fair share is embedded throughout our measure development for River Basin Management Plans including that for protected areas such as those designated under Habitats Directive. It was recently reapproved by Defra in 2016 to aid with PR19 planning. It was agreed with Defra that after September 2018 the EA would commence a review looking at the different options for sector contributions that may be considered beyond PR19. This work will be part of that review.
The project will form only part of a much wider review of the application of Polluter Pay’s. This project is a technical review of three existing methodologies, of which one is our current application of Polluter Pays’, Fair Share. It is not intended that this project will develop new approaches.

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