Family Healthy Weight Management Service SE Shared Services Tender Closes 9th September

The Surrey County Council is going out for tender to procure Family Healthy Weight Management service.

The service will be for children up to 11 years, who are overweight or obese, and their families. The children will have been identified as being on or above the 91st BMI centile. The service will be a family-centred that uses a flexible approach, i.e. the programme must be creative and built around the family. Providers will be innovative, whilst maintaining an evidence-based approach, in order to deliver outcomes that are meaningful for children and their families. Although the service will focus on targeted groups it will include a universal offer which will maximise the use of digital resources (e.g. healthy weight resource library; social media etc).

The service will be delivered as a pilot over 2 years. In addition 1 year extension (6 months, +6 months) at the Council’s discretion will be allowed. The results of the pilot will inform future commissioning and serve as a benchmarking exercise.

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