Fire Safety – Passive Fire Protection LHC Tender Closes 25th March

Passive Fire Protection
To provide new or replacement fire protection as identified in the fire risk assessment or compartment survey. Appointed Company shall consider the assessments requirements and undertake their own detailed survey to ensure that operatives are able to work in the most efficient way to ensure the least disruption to the general needs of the building and include all access and safety equipment.
All work shall comply with:
– ASFP – TGD 17 CoP for the installation and inspection of fire stopping systems in buildings (Fire-stopping: Linear joint seals, penetration seals & cavity barriers 4th Edition)
– ASFP (Association for Specialist Fire Protection) – Ensuring Best Practice for Passive Fire in Building
– Comply with all Building Regulations/Standards
– Suitably meet the fire safety design of the building
Materials used shall be third party certified unless stated by the Client.
– All fire safety product shall be ASFP/BRE or BM TRADA Q-Mark schemes or other an equivalent UKAS accredited scheme and approved by the Client.
– Penetration seals to meet EN 1366-3 for and Linear gap seals to meet EN 1366-4
Appointed Company certified to LPCB Company assessed and approved for or equivalent
– LPS 1271: Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of Company installing fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and active smoke/fire barriers. With as a minimum – assessed and approved for installing or applying passive fire protection products under the following scope:
– Appendix 1 – Penetration, cavity barrier and linear gap seals
– FIRAS Product certification including Penetration Sealing
– Any additional work shall require the additional third party certification for the product and installation including meeting the ASFP Specified Technical Guidance Document.

Fire Doors
The provision to replace, repair and maintain fire doors, shutters and associated equipment such as door activators, side panels, header panels, glazed units and minor building works to the surrounding area.
Installations shall all be undertaken and certified by Third Party Accredited scheme such as or equal and equivalent to:
-LPS 1197: Requirements for the LPCB approval and listing of Company inspecting, repairing and maintaining fire and security doors, doorsets, shutters and active smoke/fire barriers.
— Inspection
— Maintenance services and ‘one off’ general repair
FIRAS Product certification including Composite Doors, Fire Door Maintenance

LHC, SPA and WPA Clients have diverse property portfolios including domestic (single occupier and multiple occupier dwellings, low, medium and high-rise) and non-domestic (care homes and sheltered accommodation, commercial offices buildings, central or local housing team offices, halls and day care centres, municipal buildings such as libraries, sports hall, museums etc. educational buildings such as universities, schools and colleges)

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