Firefighting Equipment and Associated Services NEUPC Ltd Tender Closes 18th November

NEUPC is seeking to award a Framework Agreement for the provision of firefighting equipment and associated services with the scope covering a range of products including, but not limited to, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, storage, first aid equipment, door furniture, escape equipment, signage and wireless alarms. The associated services lot will be for the provision of fire safety training and fire risk assessments.This agreement will be open to universities and their partners regardless of whether or not they are to be defined as contracting authorities for the purpose of the PCR 2015. It is anticipated that some of the future call off contracts under this framework may be part funded from external streams, including European Union (EU) funding and (ERDF/ESF) and potentially other research bodies. All funding assessed under this framework will be considered compliant for the purposes of external funding by the named participants.

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