FLIS Courier Service Ministry of Defence, ISTAR, Other Tender Closes 23rd December

The MOD requires an external provider of mail services to collect unfranked mail from a Bristol based supplier and then distribute this to a variety of locations predominately in the UK but with around 3% going to overseas destinations. The requirement is to collect and deliver MOD Mail only, no other parties mail should be processed under this contract. The mail is to be sorted and franked following collection. Screening of the mail items is not required. Collection will be on a daily basis, Monday to Friday. Time of collection to be agreed with the successful supplier.

The majority of mail items will consist of Standard, UK letter size mail; it is estimated current volumes are between 4800 to 5000 items per month, around 1200 items per week, although volumes can fluctuate both upwards and downwards. The historic trend of demand over a recent 12-month period is provided in the table below. This is provided as an indicative forecast, and the MOD makes no guarantee that this will represent the actual level of demand over the contract period.

Description – Projected Annual Demand
Manual Letters – 33060
2nd Class Standard Tariff Letter (BFPO) – 4044
Large Letter Business Mail (0-100g) – 12336
Large Letter Business Mail (101-250g) – 3216
Large Letter Business Mail (251-500g) – 792
Large Letter Business Mail (501-750g) – 312
2nd Class Standard Tariff Large Letter (BFPO) – (0-100g) – 2412
2nd Class Standard Tariff Large Letter (BFPO) – (101-250g) – 432
2nd Class Standard Tariff Large Letter (BFPO) – (251-500g) – 3
2nd Class Standard Tariff Large Letter (BFPO) – (501-750g) – 3
Packets (0-1kg) – 720
Packets (1001g-2kg) – 348
Next Day Courier Items – 624
International Postage – Europe – 108
International ROW – 48

Tenderers will be invited to submit a firm priced menu for the franking and distribution of the mail broken down by each category of mail, which be paid monthly in accordance with actual demand. They will also be invited to submit a firm price for the collection service element which will be paid monthly. The Contract duration will be one year with an option to extend for further periods up to a year.

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