Food and Beverage Delivery Service for College of Policing London Office COLLEGE OF POLICING LIMITED tender closes 26th October

This invitation to tender seeks the provision of a food and beverage delivery service for the College of Policing’s (the Authority) premises at Old Queen Street, Westminster.

The Authority requires, from time to time, the preparation and delivery of food and buffet refreshments for consumption at meetings of various sizes and working lunches held at the above premises.

Said food and beverages shall include, but not be limited to,
• Tea (including decaffeinated, fruit, etc)
• Coffee (including decaffeinated)
• Mineral water (still and sparkling, typically 1.5 litre bottles)
• Pre-prepared sandwiches
• Biscuits
• Disposable cutlery, crockery and napkins.
• Fresh fruit juice (orange, apple, etc)
• Occasionally, canapes, executive finger buffets, fruit and pastries will also be required.

Based on historic data, meetings are attended by an average of 16 attendees, with the lowest-attended meetings being in single figures, and, the highest-attended being approximately 30.

Food and beverages are to be provided taking into account such specific dietary requirements that the Authority may notify in advance when ordering (e.g. vegetarian, vegan, coeliac, gluten-free, etc).

Individual orders for food and beverages will be placed by an authorised representative of the Authority, by telephone or by email.

Timings for delivery, and any special instructions, will be advised at the point of order placement.

The Authority requires that a “next day” service is provided, such that orders placed on or before1400hrs on any working day will be delivered the following working day if so required.

Where orders for next day delivery are placed after 1400hrs on any working day, every reasonable endeavour shall be made to fulfil the delivery as required. Where this is not achievable, the Authority must be informed accordingly.

The duration of contract arising from this Invitation to Tender will be 2 years from commencement, with an option at the Authority’s sole discretion to extend for one further year.

Contract value per annum is expected to be £15k-20k.

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