Food & You Waves 6-7 The Food Standards Agency Tender Closes 13th September

Food and You is the FSA’s flagship consumer survey measuring self-reported attitudes, behaviour and knowledge regarding food safety and other food-related issues (e.g. food allergies and intolerances, food security, eating outside the home). The survey is issued to a random probability sample of approximately 3,000 adults (over 16) living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland and is currently administered via a face-to-face interview. The survey has been conducted biennially since 2008 and five waves of data are now available . Since 2014 results have been published as an Official Statistic.

The Food and You Survey is managed by one full-time senior social research officer, with oversight from a principal social research officer. The team regularly calls on the FSA’s independent Advisory Committee for Social Science for advice and guidance on the survey.

The FSA is seeking an experienced research agency to deliver the recommendations set out in the Advisory Committee for Social Science’s Review of Food and You. The appointed supplier will be responsible for:

1. Managing the transition of Food and You from a face-to-face survey to a web-push survey methodology for Wave 6 and investigating mode effects on response profiles.

2. Working with the FSA to develop the questionnaire and survey materials for Waves 6-7.

3. Conducting the fieldwork for Waves 6-7 using a web-push methodology, ensuring it continues to meet the requirements of an Official Statistic.

4. Providing the FSA with (at a minimum) the survey data.

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