For works to Remove existing Halfpipe and establish and design a new ‘Halfpipe’ Skateboarding riding facility within the existing skatepark at Manor Farm Park, Eye PE6 7UY Peterborough City Council Tender Closes 18th December

Removal of the existing halfpipe and re-provision of a new halfpipe within the skatepark facility of this recreational park

My Client is looking to replace it with either a contemporary synthetic or steel riding surface designed halfpipe that is of selfsame comparable dimensions to the existing plated steel structured halfpipe already in situ.

I would also inquire aftercare maintenance regimes to contrast the differentials of the two prefabricated materials mentioned.

Please provide an example(s) of where you have used the chosen material in a similar free to use 24/7 outdoor skatepark.

The product will deliver a robust framework and smooth riding surface to manage and cope with the consequences from multiple discipline users of Skateboarder’s, Freestyle Skaters, Stunt Scooters and BMX bikes and alike.

Formal offers need to factor in the cost of removing the existing halfpipe and safely disposing of arisings and making good the substrate directly below the existing halfpipe apparatus

The value of this removed metalworks equipment shall be included within the Contract value.

As part of the tender package we would invite formal offers to issue and assign 1 or 2 design drawings to exhibit and showcase how the new halfpipe can be a central part of a much larger skatepark in the future if the local community wanted to redevelop the skate park.

Tender proposals will need to take into account how prospective bidders access the park and entry and passage down to the skatepark. Proposed access route is attached for your perusal

Please note. At this stage, a precise start date and subsequent lead times are not known and too as budget restraints remain intrinsic to this proposal. Consequently, the bidding process will be open to all qualified bidders with expressions of interest.

Existing Halfpipe apparatus is steel box and plate construction with a rolled steel riding surface. Approximated on a walking inspection 13.5M x7.5Mx 3.5M High and is securely bolted to large under concrete rafts. The halfpipe element of the equipment is again approximated at an inverted 2.0M longitudinal U shape sitting 100mm from concrete raft / ground level

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