Foundation Programme (FP) Assessment – Health Education England- NHS/SoEPS/17.389 South Of England Procurement Centre Framework Closes 15th February

NHS South of England Procurement Services (SoEPS), acting on behalf of Health Education England (HEE – the Commissioner) are commencing a tender for the provision of Foundation Programme (FP) Assessment.

HEE are seeking to procure a provider organisation(s) [Provider or Providers], to provide a robust and relevant assessment method for applicants to the UK Foundation Programme (UKFP). This is with the aim of incorporating technological advancements and competitive selection methodology to provide a valid and reliable tool, which will allow for the ranking of applicants for the purposes of allocation. The method must also provide a means of withdrawing applicants who do not meet the national person specification. The tool must be flexible to allow applicants to access the tool in the UK and if possible, outside of the UK. 

This will be a content and delivery service(s) commissioned by HEE on behalf of the UK Foundation Programme Office (UKFPO). Multiple providers will be considered to achieve the outcomes for both content and delivery of the assessment. The Authority would be willing to consider a variety of approaches, including online, offline and paper-based options.

The procurement comprises of two Lots:

• Lot 1 is for content, which should include analysis, 

• Lot 2 is for delivery. 

Providers can bid for either or both component parts. Contracts will be awarded separately, including in the event that both contracts are awarded to the same provider. 

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