Framework Agreement for Legal Services in the UK Post Office Limited closes 5th November

Post Office Limited requires a Framework of specialist legal services suppliers to support its internal legal team across all UK jurisdictions, providing high quality, competitively priced services alongside client-focussed, tailored value-added services.

All suppliers will be appointed to Framework Agreement with work called off by direct award or mini-competition when required.

Post Office Limited intends to appoint 7 firms in total to its legal panel, and envisages appointing 3 in Lot 1 and 4 in Lot 2

Lot 1 = Strategic work across all of Post Office’s practice areas and across all UK jurisdictions. This work is likely to be highly complex and/or high value and/or strategic work, including, by way of example, strategic corporate work.

Lot 2 = General legal work across all of Post Office’s practice areas and across all UK jurisdictions, including some volume work.

Post Office’s work (Lots 1 and 2) comprises the following:

– Brand Protection and IP Rights
– Commercial Contracts
– Competition Law
– Corporate Finance and Funding
– Corporate Law
– Data Protection and FOIA
– Dispute Resolution/Litigation
– Employment Law and Industrial Relations
– Financial Services and Regulation
– Information Technology
– Investigations – e.g. regulatory
– Pensions
– Public Law
– Public Procurement
– Property
– Regulatory
– Telecommunications
– Workplace Health & Safety; and
Network Advisory & Contract Management Support

The above start and end date includes two options to extend, each for a period of 12 months. For the avoidance of doubt the options to extend may be exercised at the Post Office’s discretion.

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