Furniture and Associated Services Crown Commercial Service Tender Closes 2nd December

This Framework will provide Furniture and Associated Services to the Public Sector Buyers detailed in the Contract Notice Authorised Customer List.

The new Framework Contract will replace the existing Supply, Delivery and Installation of Furniture and Associated Services Framework (RM3812).

The policy drivers supporting the development and procurement of this Framework are to:
o Provide Buyers with a route to market compliant with EU regulations;
o Offer a simplified agreement for both Buyers and Suppliers;
o Be attractive to Small-Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs); and
o Achieve value for money.

The Supplier shall provide services to Buyers in the jurisdictional area of England and Wales.

This Framework will consist of 8 lots. The Framework will be established for 24 months with the option to extend for up to 2 further periods of 12 months. Any extension will be executed at the discretion of the Authority.

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