GEP Academies – Tender for Cleaning Services The Litmus Partnership Ltd Tender Closes 25th March

The successful Supplier will be required to provide cleaning services for GEP Academies (the Client) at the following locations:

– Fullbrook School,

– Kings College,

– Sandfield Primary School,

– Boxgrove Primary School.

The Guildford Education Partnership (GEP Academies) was formed in September 2013 from the Multi Academy Trust set up by George Abbot School and Boxgrove Primary School. On 1.9.2014, both Kings College, Guildford and Sandfield Primary School joined GEP with Fullbrook School. Guildford Grove and Loseley Fields Primary School became a member of the Guildford Education Partnership on 1.11.2016.

The group would be looking at harmonising the cleaning contract across all of the member schools. Four schools will be in the initial contract which will take us to co terminus for all 7 schools. The number of schools within the groups is looking to grow significantly through the life of the contract.

The tender project is seeking to appoint a Supplier whose initiative and innovation will be welcomed for the provision of service within the 2 secondary schools and two primary schools.

The contract being tendered is for four years in duration from 1.8.2019 to 31.7.2023.

The academic year is based on a calendar of 195 days. Five days are to be used for staff professional development which means that the schools will be open to receive students for the legal minimum of 190 days. Periodic cleaning is to be carried out during the holiday periods.

The contract offered covers the scope for the provision of all cleaning services within the 4 schools.

Whilst the client prioritises value for money as a key objective of the competitive tender process, the Client is not obliged to accept the lowest price.

The client believes that success should be celebrated and that pupils should enjoy their time at school; if lessons are stimulating and challenging then students will love learning. Much time therefore, is spent reviewing and planning schemes of work to ensure that they are differentiated to meet the needs of all students. As a result, the client is very enthusiastic regarding work experience and apprenticeship proposals and would welcome the input of the successful supplier.

As a group who are continually seeking ways to improve and develop the ethos and environment for students and staff, to give them the facilities they deserve and need to meet the challenges of the 21st Century, any consideration regarding inward capital investment as part of the Supplier’s tender submission would be welcomed. The client would wish for the Supplier to look at making this investment for new equipment.

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