Gloucestershire County Council Passenger Transport Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Tender Closes 6th December

This is an opportunity to become part of a passenger transport Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) to deliver GCC’s passenger transport services up to a value of £210m over a 10 year period.

Passenger transport operations are an area of high risk and are governed by a considerable amount of legislation such as vehicle and taxi licensing, the Transport Act (1985) and the Road Traffic Act (1994). Currently, all GCC transport requirements are let under a four year DPS. The DPS was let in 2016 and expires in March 2020. The tender pack sets out the Council’s intention to put in place a new 10 year DPS that will commence in April 2020

The Dynamic Purchasing System is divided into the following Categories:

• Category 1: Specialist Short Notice Transport (cars)
• Category 2: Mainstream Short Notice Transport (cars)
• Category 3: Specialist Long Term Transport (cars)
• Category 4: Specialist PSV Transport (PSV)
• Category 5: Mainstream Long Term Transport (cars)
• Category 6: Mainstream PSV Transport (PSV)
• Category 7: Public Transport Services (PSV)

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