GOVERNANCE REVIEW National Heritage Memorial Fund Tender Closes 28th March

In 2019-2020 we will fully implement our new organisational structure across the UK to make us more devolved and better resourced. We will have three departments, Business Innovation and Insight, Business Delivery and Business Services, based in offices across the UK. Our grant-making committees in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will continue, and we are introducing committees for our three new geographical areas in England – North, Midlands & East, and London & South.

Our Board has concluded that given the significant organisational changes and the devolved grant making process that this is the appropriate time to further review governance of the organisation. The Fund is a UK-wide organisation which presents an additional demand for its governance and structure. The way the UK Board manages its business, plays a leadership role, forges strategic partnerships, relates to the Committees should reflect the devolved context in which we operate.

The Board is commissioning this work as a contribution to its thinking on governance. 

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