Grant to support LGBTQ youth services in Cambridgeshire LGSS Tender Closes 29th November

A £15.5k contribution has been given annually from the Youth Support Service (YSS) Youth and Community budget for the LGBT Young Peoples Support Service Contract. This contract comes to an end on the 31st March 2019. The contribution formally made by Public Health will become part of a new contract to support a new Sexual Health prevention Service that it is expected will be delivered by a consortia of professional services.

The Youth Support Service would like to provide a 12 month grant 1st April 2020 – 31st March 2021 whilst the Local Authority assesses its combined services contribution for this cohort of vulnerable young people.

During the existing contract the YSS contribution has provided £15.5k for the provision of targeted group work and 1-2-1 support across the County for LGBTQ young people especially those who are vulnerable, experiencing difficulties and need support to address adolescent issues which may include their sexuality or gender identity. LGBTQ young people state that they find it easier to seek information, advice, guidance and support from professionals where their gender/sexuality is freely accepted and not seen as the key issue. Organisations that specialise in LGBTQ youth issues represent a safe go to environment where they can access a trusted adult to explore the issues they are facing.

The current contract has existed since 2008 and represents excellent value for money in relation to its achievements with this incredibly vulnerable group of young people.

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