Growing Goss ERDF Project: River Fal re-naturalisation Defra Network eTendering Portal Tender Closes 17th September

Natural England, through its Growing Goss project, has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) (Priority Axis 6: Preserving and Protecting the Environment and Promoting Resource Efficiency) to restore this iconic site.

The objectives Growing Goss are to deliver better conservation status of 577ha of nationally and internationally important wetland habitats within Goss Moor National Nature Reserve (NNR) and its surroundings. The project will contribute to ERDF Output Indicator C23, delivering more than a third of national total target of 1459ha.

Over a three year period the project aims to:

– Re-naturalise the headwaters of the River Fal where historic artificial drains and canalised channels have damaged wetland habitats.

– Implement sustainable management of invasive willow scrub creating open habitat and corridors connecting mosaics of wetland, wet grassland and wet woodland habitats.

– Develop capability to deliver conservation grazing to enhance existing areas of open habitat and manage areas of habitat restored through willow scrub clearance, preventing scrub re-growth. This will also re-connect currently isolated patches of open habitat.

– Provide practical conservation volunteering opportunities for volunteers and improved countryside access trails, including provision of a new Access for All trail.

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