Heritage at Risk goes to the movies 2019 as part of the Loss and Destruction programme for Historic England tender closes 4th February

This taps in to our organisation’s core mission: to prevent the loss and destruction of heritage and encourage its care and protection. HAR at the Movies is one strand of Historic England’s 2019 cultural programme, anchored by our work with the Imperial War Museum on the exhibition What Remains. This exhibition runs from July 2019 – January 2020. Other related programme activity includes Projections (a writer commission projected onto cathedrals that suffered bombing during the second world war) and ‘Love Letters to Places’ – a campaign around Valentine’s Day which gets celebrities to write love letters to places that are special to them.
HAR at the movies is where Historic England hosts pop-up cinema screenings in ‘at risk’ historic properties around the country during the summer.

Objectives of HAR at the Movies:
o To raise the profile of Historic England and its work.
o To help people develop a stronger attachment to their local area.
o To close the gap between arts, culture and heritage to bring heritage into mainstream cultural life.
o To give people the motivation to fight for and look after their historic environment.
o To promote heritage as an intrinsic element within individual and common identity.
o To allow members of the general public to identify better with local and national histories; telling a national story with a regional accent.

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