High Speed Diffraction X-ray HOME OFFICE Tender Closes 12th April

Border Force is looking to procure and pilot a High-Speed Diffraction X-Ray solution for use in Border Force’s postal and Fast Parcel detection environment. (This equipment should be a minimum of TRL 6 – by this Border Force is looking for a supplier with a technology model or prototype that is capable of being demonstrated in a relevant environment.) This must provide an automatic detection capability that is ‘threat-agnostic’, with the potential to detection drugs, chemicals, explosives, as well as other dangerous goods and currency. The device must offer the potential for high-throughput scanning which can operate at ‘belt speed’ of approximately 30m/minute, and manage consignments of a maximum length of 1.2m and maximum weight of 50kgs (representative figures only). The technology must be compatible to be installed in-line with current detection architecture used by Border Force, without disrupting the flow of trade. It is essential that the technology is updatable and offers the potential to be networked in the future.

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