Highways England Occupational Health Services Highways England Tender Closes 18th November

The provision of Occupational Health Services throughout England.

The service shall enable the Contracting Authority to address particular health and attendance issues for its employees, meet their statutory obligations with regards to health surveillance, identify the preventative measures that can be taken to minimise the overall risk of sickness absence and to improve employee health in the workplace.

The supplier shall provide the below requirements:
– manager advice line and online support services,
– online portal,
– management referrals,
– advice and assessments,
– occupational health reports,
– case conferences,
– ill-health retirement,
– pre-placement questionnaire review and checks,
– surveillance services,
– fitness for task and safety critical work services:
– immunisations, vaccinations,
– health screening services,
– physiotherapy services,
– workplace assessments and adjustments which shall include:
– assessments relating to reasonable adjustments for disabilities,
– dyslexia assessments,
– specialist support services, including occupational therapy,
– display screen equipment assessments,
– vehicle ergonomic assessments,
– drug and alcohol tests (collection and analysis),
– education and awareness programmes,
– publicity and promotion, and
– service implementation.

Further details are in the procurement documents.

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