HMPO Scanning, Validation and Storage Service HOME OFFICE Tender Closes 10th July

Contract for the provision of back-office services for Her Majesty’s Passport Office (HMPO) to support the processing of passport applications. Required services include secure handling and digitisation of documentation, cashiering and payment processing, checking and validation of documentation, physical storage and retrieval of documentation and the return of documentation to the applicant. This service will support the
transformation strategy of HMPO to become a modern digital business. Reducing and removing reliance on the current paper workflow while maintaining the business continuity of existing services. Services must be delivered from 2 secure Document Handling Units located at supplier’s facilities. Further information is available
via the Crown Commercial Service’s e-Sourcing Suite.

Established in 2006, Her Majesty’s Passport Office provides passport services for British nationals residing in the UK and to those residing overseas with over 6 000 000 passports issued each year.
The current contract for handling and preparing new applications for examination by HMPO staff is due to expire. HMPO seeks a commercial partner to provide new replacement service to both maintain business continuity while transforming existing arrangements to introduce a modern, digital service.

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