Houghton Regis: Customer Segmentation and Personas Aldwyck Housing Group Tender Closes 19th July

Aldwyck Housing Group and Catalyst Housing Group require a service provider to create a behavioural and attitudinal segmentation of our residents. This is as opposed to the standard demographic segmentation that is available elsewhere. We want to know who our customers are, what their needs and aspirations are for the services we currently provide, and what they want us to deliver going forward.

Currently, when we describe our customers, we tend to talk in terms of what type of housing they live in such as general rented, homeowner, supported housing. We want to describe our customers in a different way, by what their needs, wants and aspirations are. 

We think the best way to understand our customers’ needs and demands is to ask them. From the segmentation outcomes, we will require the chosen provider to design personas to describe the different types of customers we have.

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