Hoveton Wetland Restoration Project – Fish Removal Defra Network eTendering Portal Tender Closes 21st October

The Hoveton Wetlands Restoration project aims to deliver the restoration of Hoveton Great Broad and Hudson’s Bay. These broads form part of the Bure Broads and Marshes Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the Broadland Special Protection Area (SPA), The Broads Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and Broadland Ramsar Site. They also form part of the Bure Marshes National Nature Reserve. However under the Water Framework Directive they are currently classified as having Poor Ecological Status and the SSSI status of the broads is Unfavourable.

Restoration will be achieved through a combination of sediment removal and biomanipulation, restoring them to Favourable Condition and Good Ecological Status. The project will also improve the existing access to, and on, the site, create new access through the adjacent Hoveton Marshes and hosting a number of activities and events for volunteers, local people, visitors and lake restoration specialists. Its aim is to enable more people to visit the site, become actively involved in its management and learn about the project and the importance of lake restoration.

This project is part of the Bure LIFE Project (LIFE14 NAT/UK/000054) which is financially supported by LIFE, a financial instrument of the European Community. It is also supported by the National Lottery through the Heritage Fund.

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