HR OD Expert Services H M Revenue & Customs Tender Closes 13th March

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) are setting up a framework of multiple Service Providers for ‘Culture, Values and Behavioural Change Delivery Services’. 

Upon request the Service Providers will be required to work alongside HMRC Staff based in London, Nottingham and Manchester, in the development and implementation of an organisational plan, which will change the organisational design of HMRC along with its culture and values. 

HMRC are therefore seeking Service Providers with Culture, Values and Behavioural change expertise relating to; coaching and support in transferring skills to HMRC colleagues; communication and stakeholder engagement; and customer journey road mapping, to help create a customer centered culture. 

During the development and implementation of assignments, the Service Provider will be expected to support the delivery of the outcomes captured in the ‘OD Road Maps’ developed previously. This requirement is a refresh of the existing framework previously advertised tender reference 1710-PSCR-SR65976229 HR OD Support Services Phase 3 to meet our ongoing requirement of expert support. The requirements for this framework (Phase 3) are of a size that will adequately allow SMEs to bid as part of a single lot format. 

In addition the overall value of the framework is £100k and it is likely that individual ‘Call Offs’ from the framework will be of a value of less than £10k and therefore the framework will be most suited to SME and Micro businesses. 

The intention is to run the Framework for a 12 month period.

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