H&S Data Analysis for Risk Based Regulation OFFICE OF RAIL AND ROAD Tender Closes 28th August

The objective of the Phase One of the project is to analyse the current data available to ORR (combining both internal and external data) to establish what intelligence and/or emergent themes can be gained from said data and provide RSD with the relevant insights to better plan targeted activities/interventions (through analytical techniques proposed by the bidder). ORR has a preference for new insights over confirmation of existing knowledge.

The key tasks for this contract award of Phase 1 are grouped as follows:
1. Review the data sources table provided by ORR and analyse a selected list of these data sources (the list will consist of a few compulsory data sources and a further few selected by the suppliers), in order to achieve Step 2 (below).
2. Determine any limitations of the data, its attributes, structure, storage and accessibility for the purpose of fulfilling task 3.
3. Develop a data analysis concept to provide usable intelligence to support our business processes. It is expected that the supplier/bidder will document how this is undertaken to provide insight to ORR to enable understanding of the methodology. ORR wants to specifically draw out key strategic safety risk topics that provide a focus for regulatory intervention and explore two of the following themes:
a. Establish and understand any links between observed health and safety management capability weaknesses and safety performance; and identify the key management capability elements”.
b. Establish and understand any links between the management of human performance and safety performance data relating to driver or signaller error.
c. Establish and understand any links between poor operational performance (punctuality and quality) and safety risk.

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