IAU External Quality Assessment HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS Tender Closes 11th January

HMRC has a requirement for the provision of an External Quality Audit Assessment to be undertaken by an Independent contractor.

It is a mandated requirement from HM Treasury that Government Internal Audit Services undertake an External Quality Assessment every five years. HM Treasury states that ‘The Public Sector Internal Audit Standards require the Chief Audit Executive to develop and maintain a quality assurance and improvement programme that covers all aspects of the internal audit activity.

The Public Sector Internal Audit Standards set out that an External Quality Assessment must be performed by an independent body every five years. To facilitate a consistent level of review, the Treasury have developed an Internal Audit Quality Assessment Framework which sets out the process and defined statements of good practice against which this assessment will be made.

It is a fundamental requirement that a suggested sample list from an approximate pool of 67 individuals will be assessed as part of this quality assessment programme.

HMRC will be a conducting a small number of ‘clarification’ meetings with potential suppliers as part of the Selection process.

HMRC conducts all procurement activity using its e-sourcing portal SAP Ariba. If not already registered, potential suppliers will need to register their business on SAP Ariba at http://hmrc.supplier-eu.ariba.com/ad/register/SSOActions?type=full You may need to cut and paste the web address directly into your web browser. As part of the registration process you will receive a system generated email. Once you have obtained ‘your account ID (AN) number, please email e.procurement@hmrc.gsi.gov.uk with the following information: The contract title shown above, and your organization’s HMRC SAP Arriba account ID:

The deadline date for the submission of Clarification questions will be Friday 4th January 2019. Submission of Invitation to Tender responses will be Friday 11th January 2019. Responses received after January 11th 2019 deadline date will not be accepted

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