Information Sharing Across Health & Social Care (Policy, Strategic & Technical) City of London Corporation Tender Closes 10th May

The City of London Corporation (the City Corporation) invites Quotations for the provision of additional work relating to information sharing systems across health and social care.

The City Corporation wishes to appoint a contractor to undertake a piece of work to undertake some additional tasks in relation to information sharing between health and social care following implementation of the Child Protection Information Service (CP-IS), part of the local Health Information Exchange (HIE) and related services such as a mini spine service provider. The additional work includes a mixture of technical work, staff training and policy work.

The duration of the contract is up to 50 days, subject to the right of the City (at its sole discretion) to exercise its right to further extend the Contract by up to 10 days. The maximum length of the contract is therefore 60 days.

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