Insight, Planning and Evaluation – Communications Monitoring Tools – for HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS) MINISTRY OF JUSTICE

A tender is being sought from the market for the purposes of securing Insight, Planning and Evaluation – Communications Monitoring Tools – for HM Courts & Tribunals Service (HMCTS). The tender is being run by the Ministry of Justice Commercial and Contract Management Directorate (CCMD).

1. The requirement is to develop a suite of social, media and digital monitoring, analysis and evaluation tools. 

2. The specific purpose is to help HMCTS to plan, analyse and evaluate:
• stakeholder and user awareness of the Reform Programme and HMCTS 
• identify influencers, critics, collaborators and advocates to maximise the impact of our channel, content and campaigns 
• stakeholder engagement
• audience and user needs
• current channels
• new channels to maximise reach, impact and trust
• identify key topics or issues that may influence our reputation and trust
• how we can better deploy national trends and hashtags to maximise the impact of our content and campaigns
• risk and protect our reputation during crisis through alerts
• our communications performance / impact compared to other government departments or stakeholders e.g. legal representative groups 
• engage with the media to maximise to reach, impact and trust 

We expect the monitoring and evaluation tools to analyse social media, media, websites, blogs and videos. The monitoring and evaluation tools will measure the impact and reach of HMCTS’s owned content by reach, engagement, likes, sentiment, topics and impressions by community and socio-demographic segments. The reporting outputs will be used to create metrics for communications performance, reputation indices, trust and channel effectiveness. We expect the tools to provide analytics on earned media to monitor and evaluate what external bodies, stakeholders, court users and our audience are saying about HMCTS. 

3. The monitoring tools will enable the Communications Directorate to track and mitigate HMCTS’s reputation and risk by analysing sentiment, common themes / topics and what audiences say about HMCTS on social and digital channels. The tools should have an alert function so that as a Communications Directorate we can adopt a proactive approach to crisis management. The alerts would detect an increase in pre-determined words that would be coded into queries and corpuses based on HMCTS’s needs. We expect alerts to be set up for an increase in keywords, and an increase or decline in followers and an email sent to selected members of the Communications team.

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