International Multi-Disciplinary Programme Framework Agreement closes 9th November

DFID will establish an International Multi-Disciplinary Framework Agreement with a range of suppliers which will enable DFID to access advice and expertise in a cost efficient and effective manner across eleven thematic areas, provided by multi-disciplinary teams of quality professionals to design, manage and deliver international development programme services with greater agility and innovation whilst maintaining fair competition, in response to the dynamic and challenging needs of working in complex and fragile context.

The thematic areas covered are detailed below:

• Climate Change and Environment;
• Conflict and Governance
• Education;
• Human Development and Health;
• Humanitarian;
• Infrastructure;
• Livelihoods;
• Social Development;
• Procurement & Logistics;
• Research
• Statistics and Data

Each thematic area will have two lots:

• A Low-value Lot up to £3m to encourage new supplier base and capacity building in priority DFID/HMG countries (Lots 1-10 and 21).

• A High-value Lot of £3m-£12m (Lots 11-20 and 22).

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