International Student Enquiry & Enrolment Service HE Portal closes 2nd November

The International Office forms part of the Future Students service and is responsible for the recruitment of International and EU students, supporting academic partnerships and managing the Agent network. The University supports ambitious recruitment targets in-line with the University’s 2020 strategy for growth across all audiences.

The University is using Managed Services for international enquiry management and offers made conversion:

o To engage with International prospects at soonest opportunity after initial point of contact.
o To offer personal contact via telephone (outbound and inbound), email, IM / virtual in order to convert potential students.
o To have a robust strategy in place to deliver timely, consistent and personalised contact with potential students.
o To improve conversion from enquirer to applicant and applicant to enrolment.
o To deliver personalised information to applicants on the University and pre-arrival processes.
o To deliver cutting edge, contemporary engagement with prospects and applicants.
o To increase contact points with enquirer / applicant therefore reducing ‘drop off’.
o To be able to offer language specialisms.
o To reduce impact of GMT restrictions.

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