Invitation to tender for the provision of a residential course to upskill a cohort of Nurses in Genomics and Counselling skills Health Education England tender closes 25th September

We are inviting bids from HEI providers for the provision of an innovative, post-graduate blended learning course in Genomics and Counselling Skills for the Macmillan Cancer Support funded cohort of Genomic Nurse Champions.

The course must cover:
a) the fundamentals of genetics and genomics and inheritance
b) an introduction to the genetic basis of common cancers (inherited and sporadic)
c) an overview of current genetic testing technologies and approaches (testing algorithms) in the NHS for the main cancer pathways and how genomics is personalising treatment
d) an introduction to genetic counselling skills, taking consent, and feedback of results in the cancer setting
e) the organisation of the Genomic Medicine Service including support networks, and up to date information about the Test Directory, patient choice, confidentiality and data storage
f) how to plan and deliver an effective train the trainer session

The course must include opportunities for practise through role play with feedback, and through case – based discussions and group work, written and spoken exercises and reflective learning. Pre-and post-course evaluation must be included.

We envisage a format in which the course is delivered over a period of a month or six weeks as 2 consecutive days allowing for networking in the evening, a single day, and a further two consecutive days with networking activities. However other formats suggested by bidders will also be considered. Private study between each of the periods of course delivery is expected.

Bidders must be able to provide appropriate administrative resources to register the learners for the course including accommodation and to deal with ongoing queries

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